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Coach Divay Jackons is a highly respected and accomplished basketball coach with over 15 years of coaching experience. He has led numerous teams to championship victories and has a reputation for developing some of the top players in the area.


Coach Jackson's coaching philosophy is built on a foundation of hard work, teamwork, and a focus on the fundamentals of the game. He believes that with the right mindset and dedication, any player can reach their full potential on the court. Coach Jackson is known for his ability to inspire and motivate his players to push beyond their limits and to work together as a cohesive unit.


Assisting Coach Jackson is a staff of experienced and dedicated coaches who share his vision for developing well-rounded, high-performing athletes. Each coach brings a unique skillset and expertise to the team, and they work together to create a dynamic and supportive environment for the players.


In addition to their coaching expertise, the staff is also committed to building strong relationships with their players, understanding that success on the court is built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. They prioritize creating a positive team culture that values hard work, sportsmanship, and integrity.

Divay Jackson

Divay Jackson

9/10th Grade Head Coach

A coach is more than just a leader on the sidelines - they are a teacher, mentor, and motivator who inspires their players to perform at their best."


James Gibson

9/10th Grade Coach

A basketball coach with passion for instructing and enhancing players across all skill levels. Proven track record in establishing robust connections with athletes, delivering guidance aligned with the fundamentals of basketball training and technique.


Calvin Bowman

8th Grade Coach

My philosophy as a coach is to teach accountability, discipline, and being an asset to the community -- all while teaching the mechanics and fundamentals of basketball

Anthony Redd

Anthony Redd (Coach Touch)

8th Grade Head Coach

The game of basketball is more than just a competition. As coaches, our true victory lies not  in wins but in the legacy of accountability we instill. 

Bryan Cardoza

Bryan Cardoza

6/7th Grade Asst. Coach

"Success is earned through hard work and work ethic. Embrace the grind, and watch as your dedication on the court echoes into triumphs beyond measure."


Reggie Blue Sr.

6/7th Grade Head Coach

"Basketball isn't just about scoring points; it's about scoring life lessons. Through mentorship and accountability, we cultivate champions on and off the court."

James Allen

James Allen


Dedicated to improving the team's physical fitness, skill level, and overall performance on the court, while also promoting injury prevention and proper recovery.


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